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Orthopedic Surgery in Lansdale, PA

What to Expect

Patients of Central Montgomery Orthopedics

can expect to receive comprehensive

hands-on care from a board-certified physician.

At Central Montgomery Orthopedics, our doctors will start by listening to you describe your symptoms.  In the medical field, this is called "taking a history."  Next, our doctors will perform a careful and focused physical examination.  If you have had any imaging studies, such as x-rays or MRI, the doctor will also review those results.

From your history, physical examination and imaging studies, Dr. Spellman and Dr. Chu will be able to make the correct diagnosis.  Then, they will discuss with you the treatment options for that diagnosis.  This discussion will include the potential risks and benefits of each treatment option.  By clearly understanding your options, you will be able to make the best decisions in your treatment.  Our doctors' goal is to work with you to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Call 215-361-5060 to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Spellman or Dr. Chu.

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