Pain Management Services in Lansdale, PA

What to Expect

Patients who visit Central Montgomery Orthopedics can always expect to receive comprehensive hands-on care from a board-certified physician.

After taking your history, the doctor will provide a careful, focused, and yet gentle examination. Dr. Spellman will review any studies that have already been done prior to your visit.

Dr. Spellman will discuss the risks and benefits of every possible treatment and recommend the simplest, safest and most direct course to symptom resolution.

For example, while it is common for patients to seek a knee replacement based on the result of their x-rays, many do well with simple lubrication injections.

We recognize that high co-pays are an unfortunate reality in modern healthcare, which is why we will only advise expensive studies like MRIs and x-rays when they are truly necessary.

The same holds true for physical therapy. While it can be vital to successful treatment, it can also be expensive and time consuming. If Dr. Spellman orders this therapy, he will explain why it is the wisest choice and why it shouldn’t be deferred in favor of other options.

Trends in medical treatment come and go, but with our practice, one thing remains constant: we will always help you choose the safest, most effective clinical course that requires the least investment in time and money. Contact us today to learn more.

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