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Hip Pain

Shakira is an amazing singer and songwriter, but she may not be correct about one thing. Sometimes hips do lie.

Hip pain can be a result of many different things. Our hips are a complex combination of muscles, cartilage and bone. When you have pain in the hip, it’s not always easy to know which structure is truly responsible.

Hip pain may be due to inflammation around the muscles, commonly referred to as bursitis. Specific forms of hip bursitis are named after the location of the inflammation, such as trochanteric bursitis and ischial bursitis. Muscle tightness can result in snapping hip syndrome, which can often be heard by other people, but may be hard to pinpoint by touch.

Hip pain can also be a result of a tear of the labrum, the cartilage ring that sits around the edge of the hip socket. Another very common hip issue is hip arthritis, which is joint inflammation due to wearing down of the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones. Often, pain due to a tear of the labrum or arthritis is felt in the groin or in the buttocks.

If you are experiencing pain around your hip, groin or buttocks, do not call Shakira. Instead, call us at Central Montgomery Orthopedics to schedule an evaluation.

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