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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the most complex joint in the human body. To function well, the shoulder needs a perfect balance of strength and flexibility. This requires the proper coordination of 3 bones and over a dozen muscles, as well as numerous other cartilage structures, nerves, and blood vessels. Inflammation of the shoulder, often called bursitis, can result from overuse of the shoulder. If the bones and muscles are not coordinated well, pain can develop from impingement, a condition when the bones and muscles pinch together during daily activities like washing your hair.

Keeping the shoulder strong and flexible can minimize the chance of overuse. Here are some helpful tips to treating and preventing shoulder bursitis. If your symptoms continue despite these home exercises, formal physical therapy may be necessary. Physical therapy can provide a more thorough approach to restoring the strength and flexibility of each of the shoulder muscles as well as the coordination of the muscles and bones.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, please call us at Central Montgomery Orthopedics, so we can help you make the correct diagnosis and recommend the most effective treatment plan.

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