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Back pain with leg pain. Is this sciatica?

Most people know that the sciatic nerve begins in the lowest part low back and runs through each buttock and down the back of both lower extremities to the foot. When the sciatic nerve is irritable, pain perhaps with associated numbness is experienced through the buttocks and down the back or lateral side (outside) of the right or left lower extremity, essentially following the course of the particular sciatic nerve root that is affected.

But often, back pain with associated lower extremity pain is not sciatica but two separate problems.

That is, most people have at least a few episodes of significant back pain over the years. And given how common is back pain, it’s not unusual for it to occur in conjunction with a separate problem with the hip or knee.

On the assumption the problem is sciatica, patient’s treat for this condition and over time the back pain resolves but the more troublesome lower extremity pain continues.

Ultimately, they may choose to see an orthopedic surgeon and learn that the lower extremity is caused by a mechanical and/or inflammatory problem with the hip or knee and is not really sciatica.

Orthopedic surgeons are experts in eliminating hip and knee pain, often with very little fuss.

Of course, we are also experts in treating sciatica.

So, if you’re experiencing low back pain with associated right or left lower extremity pain stop by for a visit. We can confirm that the problem is in fact sciatica or recognize that the back and lower extremity pain separate concerns occurring simultaneously and without getting fancy, help you find relief from both.

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