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Knee Popping with Pain and Swelling

Our knees will occasionally make sounds like cracking, popping, or clicking. If these sounds happen without any pain or swelling, then usually there is not much to worry about.

However, sounds that are accompanied by pain or swelling are more concerning. There are many possible reasons for a loud pop in the knee that is accompanied by pain or swelling. Swelling often is felt in the knee before the knee looks swollen. The common sensations that a swollen knee will create is tightness or stiffness. Sometimes it is difficult to put one leg into a tighter fitting pair of pants because the knee is swollen.

When there is a loud pop with pain and swelling following a twisting injury to the knee, the most concerning injuries include meniscus tears, ligament tears, or aggravation of arthritis. These injuries may require medical attention. If you are experiencing knee pain and swelling, please call us at Central Montgomery Orthopedics. We will thoroughly evaluate you to make an accurate diagnosis and discuss the best treatment options.

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