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Working from home causing you pain?

Working from home can be painful. And it’s not just when your kids disrupt your Zoom meeting to ask for a snack. Shoulder, neck and back pain are common after many hours sitting in front of a computer screen.

Proper posture is critical to avoid much of this pain. When any of us are focused on our work and staring at a computer monitor, our posture tends to collapse. Our shoulders slouch and our necks hunch. This poor posture often leads to stiffness in the neck and pain between the shoulder blades.

Monitoring your posture and recognizing when your posture collapses can help prevent shoulder, neck and back pain. Setting up your home workspace ergonomically may help avoid the onset of poor posture. Here is a helpful YouTube video from the Wall Street Journal on how to properly set up your desk.

If you are not able to adjust your work space setup, then taking regular breaks to stretch can be very helpful in breaking the cycle of poor posture and pain. Some basic exercises at your desk can be extremely helpful. Our favorites are the shoulder shrugs and the neck stretches.

If you have tried making these adjustments, but continue to experience shoulder, neck or back pain, then call us at 215-361-5060. We won’t be able to get your kids a snack during your Zoom meeting, but we can help you identify the cause of your pain and discuss treatments to get you feeling better.

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